Efficiency equals competition

Energy efficiency means optimizing plant and buildings in order to waste as little energy as possible, without affecting productive capacity.

One of Avvenia’s priorities is to make companies more competitive, helping to stimulate the economic development of the country.


Creating energy-efficient systems means, above all, experience, research and innovation.

The term ‘energy innovator’ encompasses Avvenia’s belief that the only way to overcome energy-procurement issues is by optimising processes, structures and behaviour.

We are on the threshold of the third industrial revolution and energy will be the key factor in its success.

  • Producing more, but consuming less
  • Saving energy and being financially rewarded by the community
  • Investments are rapidly compensated by results
  • Avvenia can finance projects

Energy is traditionally thought to be generated by power stations: we believe it can be produced, first and foremost, in the mind.