Avvenia’s financial investment

Energy efficiency measures are becoming increasingly important in national and international marketplaces which are characterised by financial instability.

Avvenia sets its fees according to the results obtained and will also help in financing projects.

In addition to its tasks of auditing and monitoring, Avvenia will also supply cost-benefit estimates of the potential improvements identified during industrial and commercial process analysis.

The final outcome of research and analysis will enable Avvenia and the client to identify technical and economic priorities together. Once the best improvement solutions have been agreed upon, the company has two possibilities: to invest on their own or to make use of Avvenia’s services.

Avvenia can actually finance the initial stages of investment needed to undertake energy-efficiency improvements.

This funding is paid back through the project’s benefits, based on the savings obtained on energy bills and the potential accrediting of white certificates.

In addition, improvements will lead to greater product competitiveness and improved conditions in the workplace.