Managing innovation

Avvenia has played an active role in improving the energy efficiency of many of the major players in the productive sector.

Efficiency and productivity are highly interdependent.

Improvements in production-related energy consumption results in increased efficiency of the production process itself.

On the other hand, adopting new technologies to meet increases in productivity will result in lower energy consumption with the same yield.

As a result of its effective monitoring of the productive process, Avvenia has been able to identify and suggest strategies for technical innovations leading to improved management of both manufacturing processes and commercial buildings.
Avvenia introduces ‘green energy’ in the process of optimization and innovation when it is proven that this will bring real benefits in terms of energy efficiency.
Thanks to Avvenia’s operations, it is now possible to avoid energy waste.

There are many ways in which companies can recover and reuse energy.

During the optimisation process, Avvenia identifies ways to recover spent energy and the possible transfer of this to other applications in order to reduce waste.